Below is the sequence of my efforts of my hobby that is rebuilding and modifying vintage and veteran motorcycles

1925 Douglas

I decided after having retired I would complete the restoration of my 1925 350cc horizontally opposed belt driven Douglas….


1952 Triumph Thunderbird

This of course then became an addiction and I acquired a 1952 650cc Triumph Thunderbird which looked complete, but in fact the guy I bought it from had obviously dismantled the engine….


1957 Matchless

Whilst waiting for parts for Triumph Thunderbird I was fortunate enough to locate a 1957 matchless G11 which was part of a deceased estate and was only partly restored to good to miss….


1948 Velocette Mac

On to the next challenge a 1948 Velocette MAC a lot of pieces in poor condition with the need to source considerable parts

Will keep me from being bored I guess!!!….


1962 James Commodore

On completing the Velocette I was looking for another vintage  English bike to restore and was fortunate to acquire a 1962 James Commodore complete in reasonable condition, this will be a relative easy restoration.

I am addicted now and will contine to search for another challenge however, here we go!!


1936 Panther 350cc

My collection is growing as I could not resist the opportunity to acquire what I think is a real gem with girder forks a 1936 Panther 350cc

Restoration will be a joy!



Great rebuild, love the Triumph, I was looking at the scavenger pipe on the Triumph, does this have to be sealed when replace, i bought a set of cases with out and was wonder any special way of fitting


Peter Cherry

What a great descrptive Blog this is and what a great restoration job has been done on all the bikes. Great Mate!!!!




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